Discours du Consul général lors de la cérémonie de remise des diplômes du Master "Aviation Safety Management"

Mr. Vo Huy Cuong, vice-general director of the Vietnamese civil aviation authority,

Mr. Jean-Michel Caldaguès, vice-president of Airbus Asia Pacific,

Mr. Pascal Revel, ENAC vice-president,

Dear professors,

Dear graduates, students and alumni,

Ladies and gentlemen,

You might know that cooperation in the civil aviation sector is one of the most important between France and Vietnam. It takes different forms :

  • Institutional first, with several technical cooperation agreements, such as the one signed in May 2018 ;
  • Business, considering Vietnamese airline companies chose to work with Airbus and Safran-CFM, as well as the joint-venture between Vietnam Airlines and Air France ;
  • Expertise on the modernization plan of airport infrastructures.

Dear graduates, you now have a degree from the French higher education system, reputed worldwide for its excellence. Airports’ design, building, operation, maintenance, security and safety are sectors in which your career could expand, not to mention the development of sustainable infrastructures and human resources trainings, two major challenges of the coming years. I have no doubt you will be able to highlight the education you got.

To conclude, I wish you the best for your future projects. I want to thank again all of those who work on this program’s influence. Have a good day !

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Dernière modification : 24/05/2019

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