Discours à l’occasion du 10ème anniversaire de HWA

Thank you very much for your invitation.

I’m delighted to be with you today to celebrate the 10th anniversary of High Tech Wires Asia.

I’m delighted first of all because we are celebrating today the success of a high-tech and innovative small-and-medium size company from France :

HWA employs 70 people with a turnover of about 15 M USD while the Thermo Group has a workforce of 300 employees and a turnover of 70 M USD.

This is the kind of companies France needs the most. Indeed, France hosts many multinational companies that are world leaders in their fields but lacks small-and-medium size companies to invest overseas and in Vietnam in particular.

With their flexibility and their capacities to react quickly, small and medium size companies are instrumental to further increase French exports and in particular trade relations between France and Vietnam.

The new pro-business French government is developing policies to further facilitate the development of Small and Medium Size companies.

I’m delighted also because this event gives me the opportunity to congratulate HWA for their technological choices of highly technical engineered wires :

The new diamond wire line is very promising. HWA has very good prospects in the solar panels manufacturing market in China ;

The installation of a brass rods casting will bring even more added value to HWA’s operations in Vietnam.

There are also very good opportunities for HWA in the aeronautic and electronic sectors in this region, thanks to the innovation the company is bringing here.

HWA has the financial support of the French Government’s Public Bank of Investment (bpifrance)

Finally, I’m delighted because we are celebrating today stronger links between France and Vietnam.

HWA is bringing to Vietnam 100 years of technological know-how and innovation in electroplating and the accomplishments of its very dynamic R&D Team.

This is the kind of investment Vietnam needs the most, as the Vietnamese authorities often point out.

This is a trend I’m witnessing with other French companies in sectors, such as infrastructures, health, transportation, education, transferring to Vietnam their cutting edge technology and their latest innovation.

Doing so, French companies prove that France is a country of research and entrepreneurship, happy to share its innovation with their Vietnamese partners and contribute to the historical friendship between our two countries.

Thank you HWA. You make us proud ! And thanks to the Binh Duong’s Government


Dernière modification : 26/12/2017

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